Our kids need a lot of support during this time in our world. Whether they have experienced trauma and stress or just need a calming reset, this will elevate them. During this 30-min virtual Healing session for kids, I'll discuss the session goals with the child's caregiver. I'll speak briefly with the child to see if they have questions or goals as well. Some ideas to keep kiddos busy during the session are: drawing, coloring, playing with small action figures or legos, play dough or a fidget toy etc. If they are able to sit in one spot that is very helpful, but being distracted with toys is expected. I will do a body scan to see if there are any specific areas that are holding stuck energy and gently move the energy along. We'll balance each of the primary 7 Chakras and then check on our kiddo to see how they are feeling. After the session, it is normal for the child to experience a flood of emotions or exhaustion as the body releases what is no longer serving them and integrates the Healing energy. It is very important that they take in lots of water. A warm epsom salt bath is also very soothing and helps to detox the body.